If you are thinking of starting a blog and writing your thoughts , your ideas, your knowledge which you really want to share with others, then this article will surely  guide you on how to start a blog and make money from it.

In these times of pandemic, everyone is discovering their inner-self by pursuing their hobbies, following their dreams, learning new cooking recipes ( you are also trying , I know that :)) which they were failing to do earlier and many new writers have also emerged as they have discovered their inner passion of writing by writing out their mind. 

If you also want to write about anything you love to do then these steps will definitely guide you and I hope also encourage you to start a blog and make money.

Step 1: How to Start?

  • Selecting your Niche

You might have heard so many talking about first selecting your domain , buying your domain, but have you ever thought about what you would do with your domain if YOU don’t have any idea on what to write about, what your blog is about ? 

Selecting your niche is the most important step in starting any blog in this whole universe. Everyone has their own ideas, thoughts, inspirations on what they want to write about. Some write about drawing, cooking recipes, technology ( if you are a computer geek, just kidding), things they are interested in. You can also write about anything you want to tell the world.

So first, Select your Niche…………

  • Buying a Domain 

Now comes the second task if you have thought about your niche is buying a Domain name for your website and for your blog. How are people gonna find you in this huge world of the internet??? If you have your own domain then it will be easy for people to find you and read your blog out. 

Namecheap Domain Registrar

Your domain could be anything like your partner’s name, your doggy’s name( Trust me people do that, everyone loves their doggo and partner too, LOL) So buy a domain with whatever name you want from which world should recognize you.

  • Buy a Hosting 

You really want your blog to be served on the internet and get hosted by which keeps your data secure, then the next task for you is to buy a perfect hosting which is both your pocket-friendly and full of features too.You can refer to our blog on the best Web Hosting Providers. 

Hosting will also help you to create your website and keep your blog’s data secure. Our personal recommendation is Bluehost. Here are bluehost’s plans.

  • Installing WordPress and Selecting a Theme 

Now once you have your own domain, you also have hosting to serve your blog, now the next step is to start creating a website for your blogs. On what platform you are going to post your blogs if you don’t have any website.

Every hosting provider also gives you access to WordPress which is the best tool for creating websites without any coding which even kids can learn too. 

So install WordPress and select a theme for your website and how your blog should look. (you know that feel which comes instantly on looking at something, that should be your theme.)

Wordpress landing page

Step 2: How to Write?

  • Choosing a TOPIC/TITLE

Now till now, you have set up everything for your blog and now how to write??? Once you have your niche, then you should choose amongst your niche on which topic you want to write about today and what topic for tomorrow and so on.

There are so many ideas amongst one’s niche for example, today I want to write about different recipes for cakes and today about different recipes for chicken and all these come under if you have cooking as your niche.(though everyone loves to eat and some loves cooking as well 🙂 )

So choosing a topic or title on what you want to write about today is your first task on how to write.

  • Keyword Research

You might be wondering how only a few people have their blogs as top listed and so many lie down on upto last pages of Google search. Here comes the role of Keyword Research. 

The title of your blog must be attractive enough and amongst the most searched things on google which is known as the Keyword.

You can check certain sites such as Ubersuggest, answerthepublic etc. for checking out keywords and their search ratio. My personal favorite is SemRush.

  • Analytics

Analytics is nothing but something which will tell you about how your website is growing . Now as you have invested all of your efforts and now you really want that people should read your blogs, then analytics tell you about the traffic , active users, bounce rate, age of users, targeted audience as well.

These things will help you know that your blog is famous amongst a certain age group and that will be your targeted audience for your next blog. And then what, when you know you like your blogs and articles and it grows automatically.  

You can use Google Analytics tools and Monster insights to know about these things.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Step 3: How to make money from blogs?

  • Google AdSense

As of now you have come a long way and till now you have registered your website, have blogs running, have interested viewers and now it’s time to how can you actually get something from your blog. Then Google AdSense is that thing.

All you have to do is register yourself on GoogleAdSense and it works like for example, some of your viewer is interested in buying a mobile device and he is searching for that on his system. Now as you have GoogleAdSense with you, now if that person comes to your site and reads your blogs he will surely see ads of mobile devices he was searching on your website.

And if clicks on any device and actually buys something by redirecting from the ads on your site, then you get certain profit or I should say money out of his purchase.

So this is how it works and all you have to do is just register on GoogleAdSense

Google adsense Landing Page
  • Affiliate

You must know that not all people write about their interests and things that they love to do , some people also write reviews of certain products , softwares and many other stuff. 

So Affiliate is something that means when you promote someone else’s product and write reviews about that and if someone purchases that product from your promotion then you get a certain commission or profit out of that sale. 

Don’t get worried if you don’t write reviews of something or your blog is not about that, you can also get profit by buying an affiliate link and all you have to do is promote your id or link to others if some of your viewers are buying anything, they can buy from your affiliate and Hurray… you get profit.

There are certain other tips on how to make money from blogs which you can get just by registering yourself on our blog post. And I will surely tell you other secrets for growing your blogs and earning profits.


I hope this post of mine have answered some of your questions(or maybe all :)) 

But Consistency and Regular posting are the key features once you’ve started your blog. If you will not post on a regular basis then believe me your blog will never grow, people will just forget about it if your blogs appear like once in a blue moon. And all your efforts will go in vain.

Trust me no one becomes a billionaire in just one day but if you are Consistent, Regularly Posting data with Zero Plagiarism then surely everyone can earn money and I really wish you become billionaire by reading my post. 🙂

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NAMASTE 🙏! Have a nice day !

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