Best tools for keyword research

Whether you are a blogger or do you have any website or even just surf your internet, Keywords are the most important factor to get the best results and for that you need best tools for keyword research. 

Keyword is that tool with which you can uplift your website if you choose them properly. With the right choice of keywords and best tools for keyword research, you can hit the appropriate audience for your website, blog, or any other thing.

If you have best tools for keyword research for your website or blog by keeping in mind certain factors such as traffic, search volume, targeted users and of course content which is the key you already know that but right keywords will help to get proper traffic on your sites and even helps you get ranked up.

Just amazing, right!

Note: People generally search for long-tail keywords as these keywords are longer in length and are prone to more traffic and search volume because you can identify user’s intent.(I wish you really choose long-tail keywords for blogs/sites)

So here are some of the paid as well as free tools for keyword research.

1. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

Google Keywords planner is one of the best tools for keyword research. If you are looking for titles for your blogs, articles, or even headings for your website then this is the best google keyword tool.

You just have to create an Adword account for using this and then type any keyword for which you want to search. It provides you with a list for your keyword with so many other which you can choose from with certain factors such as     

    • Average monthly searches
    • Competition
    • Top-page bid (highest and lowest, when ad is applied to that keyword)
    • Ad-impression (number of users your ad is listed to)
Keyword planner Dashboard


  • Provides bid range results.
  • Filters for location, language, and month or year based results.
  • Actual data results from the Google search engine.

   Price:   Free to use for all.

2. Google Trends (Free)

This is one of my favorite google keyword tool. It is designed in such a way that makes its users fall in love with it. 

It provides you with the keyword search results in colorful graphical representation with a detailed description of the number of searches in a particular timestamp for that particular keyword. 

Google trends result page


  • Filters based on demographics, search history, category, and time stamp.(you can even do on the basis of hours)
  • Area-wise and country-wise search results with a particular and detailed percentage description for each keyword in that region.
  • You can easily download, share, and even embed graphical results into your website or your blogs.
  • Filters related to regions such as sub-region, city and metro and also show a geographical pictorial representation of keyword interest in that region.
  • Provides related topics and queries related to searched keywords with rising and top filters.
  • Provides daily trending searches and real-time trending searches.

       Price: Free to use for all.

3. Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool

Now here comes something which is interesting but paid too. Moz is one of the best tools for keyword research if you really want to pay money. 

It provides you with the monthly-volume, difficulty, Organic CTR, Priority, Keyword suggestions and proper SERP Analysis for the searched keyword.

Moz Keyword Research tool result page


  • Bar graph representation of results.
  • Sort and filter by relevance and opportunities.
  • Also provide keywords of particular sites by giving the url in the ranking keywords section.
  • Export the results in CSV format.
  • Easily add keywords to campaign or keyword list for analysis for later use also.
  • Also provides data of Mentions of keywords in particular sites with mention authority and data found.
  • Moz Pro, Moz Local and Free SEO Tools in Moz plan.
  • Sign Up for 30-days free trial


Moz Pricing

4. Ahrefs

ahrefs Keyword research tool dashboard

Now if I tell you that there is one tool which is not only meant for keyword research but also provides you with everything that you really need for ranking up your website or blog.

Ahrefs provide you with thousands of keywords for different platforms such as Google, Youtube, Bing & Amazon and allows you to choose from 170+ locations and not only keyword ideas but questions as well.


  • Thousands of keyword ideas with keyword difficulty, search volume and updated time(since last search).
  • Multiple tools such as Site Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker and Content Explorer along with Keyword Explorer.(which you are looking for at first:))
  • SERP Analysis, Backlinks details, Domain Comparison, Ranking index and many more features and information related to every tool.
  • Sign Up for 7-day trial just for $7 


ahrefs pricing

5. SEMrush

Now, here comes  another interesting and my favorite tool for which you definitely need to rush and that is SEMrush. This tool is a complete master of all the analysis and research you need for your blog or website.

Provides you with a wide range of tools  and Analytics such as Keyword difficulty, Keyword Magic Tool, Advertising Research, Keyword Research, Content Analyzer and many many more tools which can make you a Keyword and Analytics Expert. (Believe me guys, this is true:))

Note: I will tell you about and try to keep your interest to Keyword Research tool (you can explore others too, no worries:))

Semrush- Best keyword research tool dashboard


  • SERP Analysis with multiple websites URL, search traffics, Page Authority score and URl keywords(from which you can choose for blog or websites)
  • Provides you with searched keyword Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Competition level, 1000s of Keyword variations , Related questions and related keywords.
  • Trends, interest of searchers in your keywords which is analysed over last 12 months, represented in the forms of colorful bar graphs(which is attractive to view)
  • It also provides Global Volume with different countries usage percentage and volume with graphical analytics.
  • Easily view the results in PDF format and download and can export SERP analysis  reports as well.
  • Also displays Keyword Ad History (how many times ads or bids have been applied to that keyword of yours)
  • Bulk Analysis – provides combined results of keyword research with all the required metrics in a single row.
  • Try Pro or Guru plans with a 7-day free trial 

“I am telling you, this is the best you have got for all your needs.”


SemRush Best keyword research tool-Pricing

6. KWFinder

KWFinder is the tool which provides the best of long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty, SERP Analysis and organic as well as paid keywords detailed list.

Kwfinder landing page


  • Easily search by Keyword or Search by Domain with filters of locations and language.
  • Keywords search results include Keyword Difficulty, Monthly Volume, Interests with graphical representation and thousands of keywords.
  • Export result data and can easily add to the list.
  • Proper SERP overview providing the list of different sites or keywords.
  • Easy-to-use and attractive interface.


Kwfinder pricing

7. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of the best tools for keyword research for which you really don’t have to do any hard work in finding right keywords. 

It is the only tool which provides results suggestions like you find in Google search bar named as People Also Search For. Interesting, right!!

All you have to do is download plugin for your browser or Sign Up to get the API key for already installed keywords data of your interest

Keyword everywhere results


  • Easily provides search volume data, CPC, competition keywords data.
  • Provides results for multiple platforms such as Amazon, Google, bing, Youtube, Google Search Console, Google Analytics etc.
  • Super easy to use as it provides keywords right in your search engine area.
  • Attractive feature of Extensions makes it stand ahead of its competition as extensions for keyword suggestion are generally not available for all tools for keywords research.
  • Provides additional list of keywords along with searched one as People Also Search For. (which I found to be the best feature)
  • Easily download keywords data results in CSV, Excel or PDF format.
  • It provides keyword suggestion for free but for metrices you have to buy Credits


keyword everywhere pricing

8. is a complete tool in itself as it provides those features for filters which you will surely not find in any other tool.

It provides you search keywords for not only a wide range of platforms but also gives you choice that you want images, videos or keywords only,which I think is the best feature from all tools for keywords research. dashboard


  • Search keywords for Google, Bing, Amazon, youtube, Twitter, eBay, Playstore and even Instagram. 
  • Filter for keywords, images, videos, news and location as well for search results.
  • Provides the inbuilt Google Autocorrect feature along with the searched keywords.
  • Free as well as paid version which is Keyword Tool Pro is also available with more additional features.
  • Provides results list for upto 750+ keywords be it long-tail or short-tail keywords in alphabetical order.

Pricing: pricing

9. SEOQuake (Free)

SEOQuake is not only among other tools for keyword research but a complete package for SEO data as well. It is a plugin which you can easily install and add to your browser to get complete SEOresults in your browser side only.

Results of this plugin are displayed on the left side of your search engine which includes parameters, SERP report with filters for sorting and location. 

You really don’t have to make any extra effort to get all the SEO related data as it provides right in our Google Search Console or any other search engine you use.

Seoquake Landing page
Seoquake results


  • Plugins available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
  • Provides SEO audit results along with Keyword Density Report, External/Internal link analysis and social metrics.
  • Provides results such as Keyword difficulty, rank of keyword/domain, number of visits, age of page or website, display ads of publisher and advertising and all other metrics of SEO.
  • Easily compare different domains and provides metrics for Google index, Alexa ranks, SEMrush ranking data and facebook.
  • Attractive features include SEOBar, SEO Dashboard, SERP Overlay and many others each having their own functionality.
  • Easily view all data metrics right in your search engine whenever you search for any keyword.
  • Easily export data into CSV format.

Price: Free to use for all.

10. AnswerThePublic

This is one of the most popular tools which provides you thousands of multiple ideas for your keywords based on prepositions, questions and comparisons which is I think the best of all.

People use it for not only keyword research but also for content writing ideas as it provides questions related to every Ws, Hs or any  other word present in this world.

Answerthepublic landing page
answerthepublic results


  • Provides Visualization and Data based on questions, prepositions and comparisons.
  • Provides related keywords based on alphabets for each and every alphabet.
  • Related keywords as will which are amongst the most searched across the web along with your keyword.
  • Can easily download images of results and can export CSV as well.


answerthepublic pricing


Honestly Speaking, all these tools have their own features, benefits, analytics, usage and popularity. Not only being a writer but being a user as well my personal recommendations is SEMRush because it has something extra which all other tools I don’t think have. 

If you are new to blogging or anything for which you need these tools for keyword research then free tools are fine in the beginning but once you grow(which I really want you to do), then you definitely need paid ones to know your competition because all the free ones will not be able to provide that proper analytics which the paid ones do.

If I left something or any other which you have in your mind, then please comment down to share your knowledge with us.    

NAMASTE 🙏 ! Have a nice day!  🙂

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